How To Delete Or Disable Bloatware On Android

Android has for its users Google Play Store for them to download and use either paid or free applications. Whether they are music players, games, workout apps of simply beautiful wallpapers, the users have the choice to choose when they want to uninstall something in particular. However, what happens when you buy a new phone, and it already comes with pre-downloaded apps known as bloatware. Some of them might be useful, of others you would like to delete immediately.

How to get rid of unwanted preinstalled apps or bloatware

There is only one way to manage this issue, and that is rooting the Android. All of these preinstalled programs are listed in the Google Play Store with the “Root required” criteria. One thing that users need to keep in mind is that rooting means deleting everything on the phone and bringing it back to the settings applied in the fabric.

Is there any other possibility?

The answer is that for deleting the apps, users have no choice but to root their device. However, what Android users can do is disabling bloatware. This might be a tricky thing to do because sometimes, by accident, you can disable apps that play a crucial role in the functioning of the device. No worries, though. The new smartphones mostly do not guarantee you access to disable any critical software.

These are the steps to delete bloatware apps on Android:

  1. Go to the Settings option
  2. You need to find the File Manager (it has different names, depending on the version of Android your phone has
  3. This option displays all the apps that have ever been installed on your device
  4. Look for the unwanted app and press „Disable”

In the end, the bloatware apps are still in the memory of your phone. However, the Android system bans them from running in the background.

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