How To Backup Your iPhone Data On iCloud, Mac, Or Windows

Apple is always hard at work on new OS improvements that can make devices like iPhones and iPads faster and more enjoyable to use thanks to the addition of new features. To prevent problems that can appear after installing the latest update, it is always a good idea to backup important files on your device. Follow the tutorial found below to make secure copies of your iPhone data on iCloud or on your computer, both Mac and Windows, without hassle.

How To Backup Your iPhone Data On iCloud, Mac, Or Windows

The classic backup

Despite the advent of cloud storage, many users continue to prefer to store a copy of their data on the local computer since it remains accessible without the need to rely on an internet connection.

On a Mac

Connect our portable device to your Mac via USB and confirm the pop-up message that should appear on the screen.

Launch the Finder app and select the Apple device, which should appear in the Locations section.
Select the device and then select the Create a backup of all data on this Mac option. Click on Create Backup now and wait until the task is completed.

On a Windows PC

Launch the iTunes program. If it is not installed on your system, it can be downloaded from the official Apple website. Your machine has to run Windows 7 or better to install the program.

After the program is running, connect your device via USB, and it should be detected automatically. Follow the instructions found in the Backup section, and you should be able to create a secure copy without problems.

Directly via iCloud

It is more convenient to use iCloud since all you need to do is to go to Settings/Username/iCloud, choose which data should be backed up, and tap on Create Backup Now. However, Apple only offers a limited amount of free storage space by default, and you may need to purchase a monthly plan.

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