How To Address Lag On Android Devices

If you’re an Android user, you might be troubled by some lagging/hanging issues sometimes. It doesn’t matter if you have a flagship device or a low-budget one. Some problems might be even more annoying when you use the device for an extended duration. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to fix lag on Android efficiently.

How To Address Lag On Android Devices

Disable/Uninstall Unused Apps

Whenever you purchase a new device, it comes equipped with lots of apps. They’re sometimes not utilized as much as other apps. Get rid of those apps that only add up extra content on your device by uninstalling them. But, not all of the unused apps can be uninstalled. So, you must disable them.
However, recent Android updates and versions allow you “to put to sleep” many apps. Such a feature won’t delete the app, but it keeps it in a standby mode. You can also keep checking which apps you use regularly, so you’ll avoid collecting any undesired apps.

Clear Cached Data

Cache data occurs whenever you use an app or visit a website, and it can occupy a significant load in your device’s storage. It might also affect your RAM a lot. Fix this issue quickly by accessing the Settings. Search the Storage option and tap on “Cached data.” You will erase the cache, and notice in a couple of seconds the results. Recommended apps for deleting the cache data: AVG Cleaner and CCleaner.

Software Update

To verify if you have installed the newest version of the software, go to Settings. Search for the Software Update and tap on it. Choose either Check For Updates or Download Manually. If there are any available software updates, they will appear in a couple of seconds. Each update means improved performance. It can fix lag on Android, as well as many bugs.

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