How and When to Catch the Shiny Pokemon Go?

The entire Pokemon Go universe has just received an important update. We all know how hard it might be to encounter the shiny Pokemon throughout the game. Fortunately, the developers have just changed the gaming experience, and they are bringing a wide range of improvements for their fans.

Shiny Pokemon is available at a lower rate than other characters in any Pokemon games. In light of recent events, after the social distancing measures have been imposed by the governments all over the world, Ninatic decided to change the whole concept of the game. Therefore, the way that Pokemons are hunt is completely different at the moment.

Community Day

This is one feature that has been changed to meet the necessities of the current lockdown measures. A while ago, players must head to the park, should they desire to take part in this quest. Now, all you need to do is to stay in the comfort of your own house. The good news is that the number of appearing Pokemons in the game has not changed, and it is even easier to catch your desired trophy. If the Shiny Pokemon is introduced in the Community day, chances of encountering it are 1 out of 100.

Shiny Legendary Raid

The most chances of encountering the Shiny Pokemon are when hosting a Pokemon Raid Boss having 20 participants. Research suggests that the chance of encountering the long-awaited Pokemon becomes higher and higher, depending on the number of participants. You have a chance of 1 out of 20 to meet the Shiny Pokemon.

In general

Usually, the Shiny Pokemon appears at a rate of 1 out of 450. Therefore, the chances of encountering it on a daily basis are quite small. The best thing one can do is to attempt searching for it throughout special events.

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