Honor Launches Magic UI 3.0 Update Featuring a Dark Mode and New UI

Honor confirmed the rollout of the Magic UI 3.0 (EMUI 10.0) update for the Honor View 20, Honor 9X, and Honor 20 devices. Users have already begun getting the newest Magic UI 3.0 on those mentioned devices via an over-the-air software upgrade.

With the latest Android-based Magic UI 3.0 update on the Honor 20, Honor 9X, and the Honor View 20, users will get to enjoy more of the UX concept. The company states that the update will introduce a lot of user-friendly features, which will surely improve the user experience. As sleek as they appeared to be, the updates are also efficient.

Improved Visual Elements

The Magic UI 3.0 update comes with sleeker transitions between animations and applications such as spring motion. So, when users tap on their screen, they’ll notice a big difference. The animations got enhanced to bring the best experience so far.

UX Design Brings the Dark Mode

The latest Magic UI 3.0 update introduces the Dark Mode. Users can access their devices, even in low light situations. Devs state that such an update is supported by research from the Huawei Human Factors Lab.

According to a report, the contrast between background and text is optimally adjusted in the Dark Mode, which lowers the pressure on users’ eyes. Also, the color saturation got more fine-tuned to bring more consistency between the Dark and normal mode.

Enhanced Photography with User-Friendly Functions

Magic UI 3.0 also brings some modifications to the camera UI. Users can now apply filters straight from the viewfinder before the picture is shot. The camera app got a new look with a more noticeable zoom bar to let users zoom more quickly. A grid, timer, and a horizontal level have been also added.

Better Performance

The latest update promises steady performance within a reliably connected environment. According to some reports, all the devices updated to Magic UI 3.0 will be safeguard by the Trusted Execution Environment. Such a thing is also known as a self-developed operating system and is certified by CC EAL5+.

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