Hideo Kojima Details Why He Prefer Developing Odd Games

Death Stranding on PS4 is titled as one of the oddest games. The game’s developer, Hideo Kojima, is known for its weird choices for developing its games. Why does he prefer doing that, though? According to him, the games should be like this for satisfying players’ preferences more. He also said that “I think simplicity is good, but it gets consumed very quickly.” Kojima added, “It’s like food: anything that’s really digestible, it just goes out. […] And it remains in your body fluid, and not just comes out. And I want to create that kind of thing.”

He explained how movies influenced his way of thinking and how easy it was for him to see everything. Moreover, he based all his work on experimentation. Kojima explained how a player’s experience helps him expanded more themes for his future ideas. Also, he believes that stimulation is the key to a better experience. He detailed, “So sometimes I want people to kind of eat something that is not really easy to digest. […] But I really want to make that thing delicious, mind you.”

Kojima’s game Death Stranding, however, is an action game set in an open world, and it brings asynchronous online functions. He indicated some Metal Gear similarities. In the game, players must take tasks such as delivering things cargo-related to different abandoned or isolated areas known as KNOTs, while also connecting them to a communications system called the Chiral Network. Players must also face enemies such as “beached things” and some known as MULE, which represents a cult of rogue, thief-like porters influenced by an obsession with cargo. Moreover, those “beached things” are known as “time fall”, which can create a sort of damage to the player’s armor. Players also reported that their experience in the game is one-of-kind and every time, a real challenge.

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