Here are the Coolest iOS 14 Widgets You Have to Try


Curious about the iPhone apps updated to take advantage of the newly released iOS 14? 

iOS 14 is out now, and many app developers are trying their best to add widgets to their creations. The updated widgets indeed take advantage of the biggest feature introduced to iOS 14: place widgets wherever you want! Here are the coolest widgets right now.

IMDb Helps You Connect With the Cinematic Universe

The IMDb app has always been considered the best at offering answers to question like, what to watch, or what’s new/hot. There are many snippets from the app’s vast extent of features we can now pin to our home screens, such as actors born on this day, popular movie trailer, the latest news, and TV show and movie recommendations. 

The best thing is that the IMDb widgets are free! Download the app now, and discover your next favorite movie.

Merriam-Webster Brings You Word of the Day

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary app comes with a Word of the Day widget, which is so cool because you get the chance to learn new words daily.

The app is free, and you can enjoy a lot of educational content, only at a tap away. 

Fantastical Keeps You Up to Date (Literally)

Fantastical is probably the greatest iOS calendar app for quite a while now. It has a flawless system of creating appointments by only describing them. 

The app offers 11 widgets, ready to keep up with your daily activities and offer you the best ways to remember things. There is a Fantastical Premium plan for $40/year or $4,99/month, but the free version should be just fine for you!

Weather Line for More Sunny Days

Weather Line offers many great widgets in varying sizes, whether you like a daily forecast or an hourly one. For instance, the biggest widgets comes with a wealth of information, from sunset, sunrise times, wind speed, to humidity. 

For more features, such as an animated radar, minute-by-minute precipitation, and extended 10-day forecast, you have to pay $3.49/month or $19.99/year, or $45 to unlock everything forever. 


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