Harris County Is in to Help Eviction Cases Outburst Caused by the Ongoing Pandemic

Even though the world is torn apart by the impressive number of coronavirus cases, as well as the economic burden, eviction cases are now a thing in Harris County. One of the many affected Texans struggling to make ends meet is Gisele Gonzales, who has declared that is completely “overwhelmed.” Her anxiety level is now above the norm after her husband lost his job, and they received two eviction notices.

Fortunately, the Huston Apartment Association is here to help you. According to them, the first thing you need to do is to talk to your landlord and, should you get an agreement, make sure to have that in writing. More and more courts are getting re-opened after being closed in March due to the ongoing pandemic, and the most present cases are the eviction ones.

Howard Bookstaff, the General Counsel for Houston Apartment Association, has declared that even when getting a notice to vacate your living space, it is crucial to keep on communicating with your landlord to see maybe there is an escape door. Usually, from the time when getting an eviction note and the one you are forced to leave, it is only a one month gap.

When it comes to those living in public houses, that one month is crucial. Back in March, a federal package has managed to block evictions for the residents of general households. Unfortunately, the packaging is due to end on the 25th of July, meaning that housing residents will probably be forced to eviction in the upcoming three weeks.

As far as financial help is concerned, you can check the Houston Apartment Association website. Bookstaff declared that brand new programs, tailored to residents’ needs are developing every day. For example, Gisele Gonzales has used this kind of help, and now her rent for July is fixed. Even though she is not sure what will happen as from now on, everything will be figured in the end.

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