GTA Vice City Map: How to Find the Secret Areas


Among so many fantastic episodes of Grand Theft Auto, Vice City is the best, thanks to the gameplay that keeps every player’s interest level peak. 

While most of us have already been exploring GTA Vice City, especially stealing cool cars or testing new weapons, there might be some secret areas ready to be discovered. Find the secret areas and enjoy a unique GTA experience!

A Lot of Ammunition at Washington Beach

Because ammunition is essential in Vice City, you should know that there are some hidden places where you can find more of that. Try the northeast corner or near the pool area of the Hotel Harrison.  

There, you can top your armor and restock the ammunition. The areas around Washington Beach also have a lot to offer. 

Ocean Beach Rampage

You will discover a rampage that can only be accessed through a helicopter or a boat, situated between the South points of East and West islands directing towards the Juan Cortez’s yacht. 

The White Tall Building

There is a hidden package in the south of the Washington Beach Police Station, too. It is placed on the rooftop of a tall white building with blue stripes. Use a helicopter, and you’ll find your way until the top. 

The Ducum Inn

The Vice Point has a lot more to provide in Grand Theft Auto Vice City than most of the players think. There is a fantastic and tall hotel called the Ducum Inn that has a crescent-shaped structure. You can find it at the north end of the Washington Canal and enjoy its secrets.

The Starfish Island

Every Vice City fan must have ventured into the Vercetti Estate at least once. You will find a secret package if you walk towards the pool and enter the bushes along the sidewall. 

The InterGlobal Studio

One of the most praised islands in Vice City is the Prawn Island, where InterGlobal Studio offices are situated. You can find a hidden package on the rooftop of this building. Use a helicopter or a Unique Stunt Jump. 

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