GTA Online: Best Tips for Open Wheel Racing

GTA 5 remains in the top three of the most popular games of all time, and it’s hard to believe that it will come down from that position pretty soon. While the internet is flooded with speculations and rumors about the upcoming GTA 6, leading Trevor, Michael or Franklin to succeed in GTA 5 can still assure the players plenty of hours of exciting gameplay.

But let’s not forget the online mode for GTA 5 (aka GTA Online), one that has to offer even more exciting gameplay – new vehicles, more enterable buildings, and more. Rockstar Games have added a new Open Wheel Racing series, and now you’ll find out several ways of getting the most out of it.

Choose the right car

Choosing the car that suits your needs the best is the first obvious step you need to make. Just look at the stats and see which car you like most. You have two F1 cars: the Progen PR4 and the OCELOT R88. They are not too different in specs, but the final decision is all yours.

Don’t ignore the pit stops

It would be a big mistake to ignore the pit stops, especially if your car is equipped with Soft or Medium tires. You should turn into the pit at least once during the race.

Choose the right tires

In Open Wheel Racing, there are three types of tires: Soft, Medium and Hard. You shouldn’t ignore this part as well and see what tires are the right ones for you and your vehicle.

Currently, these are the available races in Open Wheel Racing for GTA Online: Brace for Impact, Lap it Up, Height of Society, In Due Course, More Haste More Speed, New Wave, and Urban Renewal. Therefore, you should forget about rumors regarding GTA 6 and explore as much as possible the wonderful realm of GTA 5, including its online mode. The game is still a living legend.

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