GTA Online – A Lucky Wheel Bug Affects The Players

Most of us like video games and one of the most exciting things in a video game is the rewards. But behind all these rewards stands a reward system or a loot crate, in most of the cases. That means that not every player is lucky enough to get a precious and useful item. And if you think this part of a game sucks, let’s have a look at the latest bug reported on Reddit about the GTA Online game.

According to a GTA player, the game has a bug that literally swaps the reward you are expecting to get. This person shared an actual clip to demonstrate that indeed is happening. Almost all of the online players use the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino and Resort in order to claim their reward.

The Lucky Wheel in GTA Online Has a Bug, Currently

The Lucky Wheel offers all kinds of items, such as clothing, and also more valuable items, such as exclusive cars. However, with this bug around, you can win a unique car and end up getting another random item. I wouldn’t want to win a great vehicle and get a piece of clothing instead.

However, the unfortunate happened to the The_Salted_Slug user. This person won the beautiful Sultan Classic car but instead got 10,000 casino chips. How crazy and frustrating this must be? However, the user took this problem on Reddit and provided a clip to prove his point.

The clip clearly shows that this user won a unique vehicle; however, the bug prevented him from receiving his rightful reward. This type of bug is not new because it was highlighted when the Casino Rewards system was first introduced in the game. However, at that time, Rockstar Games released an update that fixed the problem.

Therefore, we expect the devs to fix this GTA Online bug once more. Be careful when you spin the Lucky Wheel, and don’t get too excited if you win a valuable item. That could all change when the bug shows up.

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