GTA 6 Theme Reportedly Leaked By Rockstar’s Stuntman

As you probably know, GTA 6 is one of the most expected and rumored games so far. Not that it created so much fuzz and confusion, but also made fans appreciate it more and more, even if we don’t have yet any officials announcements. From map, characters, plot, to which next-gen console would introduce the upcoming game, we had seen it all.

How true, however, any of these speculations would turn out to be accurate, we will find out soon. This year, a series of game events are going to take place, and we should find out more, or at least get some teasers. According to GTA 5’s success, the next installment of the series would probably blow everyone’s minds off with its features.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing is that Rockstar’s silence muted us all, too. It is bizarre why we don’t have at least a confirmation. Recently, though, the tables have turned again, and it seems they are all in our favor.

GTA 6 Theme Hinted by Rockstar’s Stuntman

Recently, a stuntman working for Rockstar Game, Tim Neff, did something quite interesting. He fuels the rumors of GTA 6’s theme with a series of Instagram posts. Neff posted some of his pictures while he performed some motion capture action for Rockstar. We can spot in his photos that he is holding a quite unveiling thing.

An 80’s-era weapon appears in the images, while Neff also wears a mocap suit. So, it pretty much sounds like something disco-killing, joy, and fun. On the Internet, such a theme is already highly speculated among fans. Many believe GTA 6 will introduce a so-appreciated era mixed with lots of challenging tasks and intriguing plots. Neff’s post came perfectly, aligning so well with the fans’ theory of a GTA 6 in the ’80s.

Currently, the original posts can’t be seen anymore, because Neff removed them and turned his Instagram account private. Such a thing only made things more interesting, and hopefully, close to the truth. Tim Neff is known for his work at Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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