GTA 6 Rumors Say That The Game Is In Early Development

Several leaks have stated that the producers of the Grand Theft Auto series might be developing the sixth version of the game – GTA 6. A report was recently published by Kotaku, aiming to describe the working environment of the Rockstar Games teams. They are stating that the hours spent working might be improving since more people were working hundreds of hours. In addition to this, a mention regarding the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto 6 was underlined as well, stating that the game is currently during its very early stages of development.

The last entry in the franchise was made by the Grand Theft Auto V, which has produced more than seven years ago. Ever since then, the fans have been waiting for a return of the gaming company in the satirical crime world. Leaks have already started imagining the upcoming storyline and the possible locations for the future side missions, as well as any possible character that could return.

GTA 6 Might Be In Early Development

CCN has recently reported a tweet from a highly renowned user in the Grand Theft Auto community, who is claiming that his official sources are stating that the game is completed in proportions of 60% to 70%. TezFun2 tweeted that the remark made by the officials where it was claimed that the game is only undergoing its first changes must have been a mistake. We cannot tell for sure if the tweet is actual, but it seems to have a base, given how long ago the Grand Theft Auto V was released.

After the last announcements that were made in March 2020, the fans were slightly disappointed by the development of the company, since they hoped that this month would bring an official trailer. One thing is for sure, though: the production of GTA 6 is still happening, unlike other games from the company.

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