GTA 6 Release Date Update Might Be Bad News For Current-Gen Console Users

GTA 6 is one of the most sought-after games at this moment. We only know that Rockstar Games And Take-Two Interactive are working on a new installment in the series. Besides that, we know nothing else about the game. At least, not from official sources. GTA 6 rumors, however, frequently appear on the Internet. A recent GTA 6 release date update, based on some rumors, might be bad news for current-gen console users.

Note that Rockstar Games did not announce an official GTA 6 release date. All we know about that comes from rumors and leaks, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. The latest rumors suggest that GTA 6 would come out in 2021, hinting that the new installment in the series would be exclusively launched for next-gen consoles – PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. That is terrible news for current-gen console users.

GTA 6 Release Date And More Details

As we’ve said above, GTA 6 is under development at Rockstar Games. We do not know much about the title, except for some details that transpired thanks to some rumors and leaks. Accordingly, we know that GTA 6 would take place in Vice City and a Brazilian city, as well, for some missions. Also, it would be the first title in the series to sport a playable female character.

Many fans hope that Rockstar Games would announce GTA 6 soon. However, we do not believe that GTA 6 would launch in 2020. At least, not until PlayStation 5 rolls out. And that because the new title in the series might launch only on next-gen consoles. Besides, according to some rumors, GTA 6 might be, at first, a PS5-exclusive. If that’s so, the game might come out soon after the launch of PlayStation 5. Since PS5 would roll out in December 2020, we believe that GTA 6 would come out in 2021.

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