GTA 6 Release Date Reportedly Leaked In A New Rockstar Games Artwork

We are all waiting for the GTA 6 to come out. Rumors and leaks have already surfaced the internet, and we always keep our eyes open for any news or tiny detail regarding the upcoming game. What caught the eyes of fans now? The new art that Rockstar Games shared on its website seemed quite normal, artsy, at the first look until it wasn’t.

The new art has started a new wave of rumors and speculations concerning the upcoming GTA 6. The game wasn’t even announced yet, but it already hypes the fans. But as it is a famous game, the Grand Theft Auto series is more than likely already in developing for the consoles. As we take a closer look at the art shared by Rockstar, one of them is kind of teasing us about the awaited game.

The new artwork is kind of vague; there is not so much to tell about it at first sight; however, fans are being extra careful in checking out all the details and believe that one of them, in particular, hints at the GTA 6 series.

New Rockstar Games artwork might tease to GTA 6 release date

The artwork in question features 16 logos lined up, which raises questions like: why do that without any hidden meaning behind it? It could also mean nothing, but it also is more to it.

The speculation was raised by GTAVINR, on Twitter. Rockstar Games could tease us with a connection between the 16 logos and the 16 characters that are presumed to belong in the game’s title. The company is known for this type of teasing, so it could mean something.

Whether it is true or not, we shall wait and see. The above is just a simple rumor, speculation about GTA 6 release date, so don’t take it to heart. On the other hand, we know how you feel about it, but don’t worry. We are on the same boat as you, my friend.

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