GTA 6 Might Improve Grand Theft Auto’s Las Venturas: Find Out How

las venturas

If Rockstar Games decides to bring back Las Venturas, the series’ fictional Las Vegas, into GTA 6, there are a few ways it needs to be updated. 

With speculations that Grand Theft Auto 6 will incorporate a familiar city, there’s a chance Rockstar could choose to zero in on the famous Las Venturas and improve upon some of the areas that GTA: San Andreas missed. It remains unconfirmed where GTA 6 will take place. But that doesn’t mean we can’t rely on some reports and sources. Here is what you need to know. 

Las Venturas Might Return in GTA 6

There has been much speculation and alleged leaks that an upcoming GTA game would take place in Vice City alongside some missions set in a Rio de Janeiro stand-in city. But there are also rumors that GTA 6 could have more than one location. So many ideas, yet no confirmation from Rockstar Games. What should we expect?

Probably the favorite rumor revolves around that GTA 6 could be set in the fabulous 70s and 80s. At this point, however, we should expect everything. But it’s okay if we have so many expectations?

Grand Theft Auto 6 could very well take place in Las Venturas, GTA’s fake (but so praised) Las Vegas, which was featured in GTA: San Andreas. Las Venturas was expected to appear in Grand Theft Auto 5, too, but it didn’t make it in the end.

Could GTA 6 Fix Las Venturas?

Las Venturas was a small city, and some considered this to be a huge issue. Compared with other well-known cities incorporated in GTA: San Andreas, coupled with the fact that Las Vegas is extensive in real life, it seemed as though less attention was paid to this city. When players unlocked the city, there were so little things to do in Las Venturas (besides a lot of gambling, of course), that it left them bored and unsatisfied.

But if Rockstar decides to incorporate the fictional Las Vegas into GTA 6 would be the perfect chance to expand the city. We could get more options to go inside buildings, intriguing Las Vegas-themed side missions, and receive more objects to interact.

Also, the bright neon light of Las Venturas’ casinos would look fantastic in next-gen graphics. The developers could use everything they learned during the development of GTA’s heist missions, such as the Diamond Casino and Resort in GTA Online. Las Venturas could finally get the attention it deserves. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

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