GTA 6 Makes The Fans Impatient As Rockstar Games Continues To Be Silent About The Game

Fans are starting to get impatient when it comes to GTA 6. We are still waiting for some official info and a possible release date, but according to analysts, the game will not be released anytime soon. But why is this delay happening? People started to speculate about it. Here is all we know so far about GTA 6 development and launch, as per rumors and leaks.

GTA 6 release date rumors

Many people believe that the game will be released next year. We know for sure that Rockstar is already working on the game. Right now, we are waiting for an official statement.

Possible we’ll get microtransactions

Rumor has it, GTA 6 will get a feature with microtransactions – a significant move by the gaming company. Players will be able to purchase virtual goods, a thing that will lead to high competition. Microtransactions are a very popular feature for many games out there, like PUBG, and it can mean a lot of the GTA universe to get it for the next game.

Rockstar Games is silent regarding GTA 6

We all know that we have no confirmation about the game. But there are so many rumors and speculations out there, and it is starting to get annoying for us, the players. We can only assume that certain things will happen if we have no official confirmation.

Is the next title in the GTA series in development?

It’s possible that they are still working on the game, and that is why we have no official statement so far. But we are hoping that Rockstar will surprise its fans soon with an update.

It seems that Rockstar Games takes advantage of all these rumors – it is clear that GTA 6 is already popular, and it has not even hit the market. All of this talk is just an assurance that we are still here, waiting for the game.

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