GTA 6 Launch Date Details Possible to be Announced Soon This Year

Rockstar Games has a way of announcing its upcoming games, meaning that players must wait a long period, apparently. Currently, there has been some news that involves an unexpected theory, indicating that GTA 6 could get unveiled soon this year. GTA 6 succeeded in fueling so many rumors even of we still don’t have any official details or even confirmations of its existence. For all the gamers out there, this situation is a real bug because they wait for six years since GTA 5 was released.

Speculations indicated so far that the GTA 6 will be introduced once with the PS5 release, and the series will return to Vice City, as well. Now, fans are moving further with rumors and suggest that a 2019 Christmas announcement could be possible. A Reddit post, however, caught everyone’s attention by supporting that idea and hinting at a December 3 release possibility. Unfortunately, the source of that information is unclear, and it can’t be verified. But, we still got hope, and there is a significant reason why this date is so special to gamers.

December 3 is not an ordinary day at all, because it will mark the 25th anniversary of the PlayStation first released in Japan. Such a fact could be somewhat accurate, because Sony has a way of celebrating its landmark, especially since they skipped PSX last year.

Moreover, this news stirred up the theory of a GTA 6 release; fans even claimed that it could be the perfect moment for an official announcing. Sony, on the other hand, is said to have paid a lot of money to get one mouth’s worth of unique and exclusive GTA 6 rights. However, if the rumors about PS5 turn out to be accurate, then we will have all the chances to see a soon GTA 6 release.

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