GTA 6 In-Game Image Leaked, But The Fans Doubt Its Authenticity

GTA 5 has been one of the most successful titles of the previous decade, with more than 100 million copies being sold across several platforms. Many fans are looking towards a new entry in the series, GTA 6.

However, Rockstar is known for guarding secrets, and no details have been shared by the famous developer at this point. Luckily for us, the internet rumor machine is always hard at work, and a few rumors about the potentially upcoming game are already fueling intense discussions among fans.

One of the most popular theories is related to the possible setting for the new game, with many arguing that Rockstar may opt to revisit Vice City, which is based heavily on a stylized 1980s Miami. A new leak seemed to consolidate this rumor as it shows what appears to be the Miami skyline in the distance during sunset.

Is the new GTA 6 image leak true or fake?

While at first, the image may have seemed to be promising, several flaws have been observed by users who discussed the authenticity of the image on Reddit.

An interesting pic making its way around twitter, some saying it matches the Miami skyline others saying it’s gta V modded.. from GTA6

One of the aspects which contribute to doubt is represented by the fact that the image appears to be quite edited in an attempt to cover most details. For example, while a skyline is visible in the distance, more than half of the image is almost black, and a red tint dominates the vista.

Images that are altered to cover details at such a scale tend to be fake. Another issue comes in the form of the Rockstar logo placed in the lower-right corner of the image. In most cases, the presence of a logo suggests that an official image is being observed.

It is unlikely that the developer would create such a poor screenshot and then slap its logo on it if we take into account previous media material released in the past. For now, the GTA 6 in-game image should be taken with a grain of salt.

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