GTA 6 Could Launch on Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Maybe now we can finally say stop to the five years of waiting for a new Grand Theft Auto title, presumably the sixth one, GTA 6. After so many leaks and rumors, we have further information about the release date and the consoles that the game will come on.

Rockstar Games didn’t give any details about the next title from the franchise, but we know that the company hired many developers for the next project. This is the starting base of many rumors about the upcoming title. But today we have new information that is claiming even the pre-orders will open soon.

GTA 6 – Release Date, Details, and Platforms

The first thing that we must share with you is the release date of GTA 6. It will finally come in April 2021 according to rumors, while the leaks are suggesting a pre-order announcement. We will have a reveal this year of the game, but we are not sure about the pre-orders announcement. When you announce a pre-order, it usually happens six months before the release of the game. So, if the game is coming in 2021, maybe the pre-orders are a mistake or a fake rumor.

Secondly, Rockstar has mentioned about a new game in development, called Bully 2. The game is the first reason for the delay that GTA 6 is suffering right now. Bully 2 will be a game set in medieval times, so it must be exciting as well. If you remember many of the rumors were saying that GTA 6 will be a Sony exclusive, now the new leaks are supporting the idea of having the game on both consoles.

Overall, Take-Two, who is the investor of GTA, hinted that the company is working on the most significant release of a franchise from the last five years, and it will come next year. If this news is not something that is supporting the leaks and rumors about April 2021, then we don’t know what it is.

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