GTA 6 Could Have More Than One Location: We Should Expect Lots of Cities


Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to arrive on next-gen consoles. Such a thing means that Rockstar Games could use the new technology to develop and incorporate more than one city. 

Thanks to the new advancements in gaming technology, it’s likely that the sixth installment of the GTA series could take place in multiple locations instead of one. Previously, the GTA games focused on one city or state, with settings such as Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City, and many others.

There have been other locations mentioned in the GTA world, but none of them have been featured in the games. GTA 6, however, might introduce multiple locations and one of the best features so far. Here is what you should know.

Could GTA 6 Introduce More Than One Location: What We Should Expect

Currently, the GTA fans know that they can look forward to GTA 5 on Sony’s next-gen console, the PS5. They can also expect an updated version of GTA Online. But, as good as this news can be, nothing compares with the much-awaited GTA 6. 

Even if Rockstar Games didn’t release any statements about the upcoming game, there have been lots of reports from credible sources. Also, given the almost seven years since GTA 5 initially arrived, we can’t be faulted for expecting the next part soon. GTA 6 is now speculated to come in 2023! 

If Rockstar Games utilizes the next-gen technology, it’s likely the next installment in the GTA series could take place in lots of locations. While there are some rumors about GTA 6 that point to the game taking place in the famous Vice City and the surrounding area, it would be much more intriguing for players if they were able to discover and explore more small cities. Such a thing would also be done without the need for expansive views between these locations.

Moreover, not every location in GTA 6 has to be as massive as Los Santos, for instance. Players could unlock new, smaller cities throughout the game. Thanks to the advancements in technology, next-gen gaming systems could simply display a quick animation of planes flying over the location and then load players in a new region without any great gameplay steps. Such a thing would let GTA players to enjoy more variety in locales, but it would also remove the developers’ attempt to decrease player downtime in unpopulated locations. More cities will surely be more fun!

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