GTA 6 Could Finally Introduce Kids as NPCs

gta 6 kids characters

The Grand Theft Auto environment has always been oddly lacking kids. GTA 6 could be the one to introduce kids to its world with some special features and other intriguing aspects.

GTA’s open worlds might be established in extremely violent and dramatic, fictionalized versions of real cities, but they’re still meant to simulate modern life in many ways. So, the absence of kids is somehow a crushing omission. Could GTA 6 finally fix GTA’s little issue? Here is what you should know. 

GTA 6 and Kids: What We Should Expect?

Rockstar Games’ reasoning for not bringing kids in GTA is somehow self-explanatory: GTA’s gameplay centers on allowing players to be free to mess with its worlds, breaking laws and social norms to do bad things. Such a kind of game concept has already brought GTA lots of controversy. Letting players run over children with vehicles, for instance, would likely put Rockstar Games under more scrutiny than it desires. 

But GTA 6’s children NPCs wouldn’t lose their lives, making the world feel more realistic. Of course, in the real world, there’s no such thing as invincible kids, but it doesn’t have ghosts, either, and GTA 5’s Mount Gordo well-known ghost surely adds more immersion than it removes by giving the world history. With a little bit of work, GTA 6’s kids pedestrians could populate its world more realistically. 

Could Unkillable Children Make GTA 6 More Immersive?

Other open-world games that feature player freedom succeeded in finding a solution to the “no kids” issue by making kids unkillable. The children in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, for instance, don’t react with any animation when hit and take no damage. Something similar would be perfect for GTA 6’s combat. But the series’ emphasis on vehicular crimes makes things a bit complicated. 

Imagine this, if a player drives a vehicle into an unkillable kid, the vehicle would either stop dead in its tracks, as if hitting a solid object, or would have to pass through the kid, as if they were a ghost. Both of these ideas would be quite strange, especially since running someone over in the game is usually a smooth movement met with ragdoll physics. 

GTA 6 could be the first to solve such an issue by combining the pass-through option with having kids duck or jump out of the way. We should wait for more details to find out how accurate the news is.

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