GTA 6 – Bad News For Current-Generation Consoles – Are PC’s Advantaged?

The release date of GTA 6 might be far away from today, and though that is bad news for Xbox One and PS4 owners, it might be advantageous for PC gamers.

How Far Away Are We From The Release Of GTA 6?

We are probably a few years away from the day GTA 6 is released. Recent statements from high-profile journalists and insiders have suggested a few potential dates, but even a 2021 release sounds a bit too optimistic at this point.

Jason Schreier, a famous journalist, wrote an article about a rumor that GTA 6 is still in development at Rockstar Games. He believes that the game is in early development, probably years away from the release date.

Also, Yan2295, a famous and trustworthy Rockstar insider whose past leaks have proven accurate before, disagreed with Schreier’s statements.

Also, to back up Yan’s credentials, he stopped dropping leaks at Rockstar Games’ request, a while back.

Yan2295’s Opinion

Yan2295 said that he believes the game is more likely in the “early stages of testing,” instead of the early stages of development.

TezFunz2, another reputable insider stood by Yan2295’s statement – He also thinks that GTA 6 is closer to release than we might be thinking.

The thing is, Rockstar Games must be careful and take its time to release a highly polished game so that it meets expectations.

Unfortunately for us, that spells out a sad truth – The longer the wait goes on, the less probable it is to see the game released on current generation gaming consoles.

Still, there is a chance they will release a slightly de-tuned version of the game for the PS4 and Xbox One. They made GTA 5 run on the Xbox 360 and PS3, so maybe they will do a similar thing again.

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