GTA 5 Available for Free on Epic Store

Epic Games Store has made GTA 5 available for free. The download can only be done for a limited amount of time. Truly, Epic Games has advised fans to download Grand Theft Auto 5 for free before the offer passes.

Epic Games has written to its fans on Twitter, encouraging them to drive it as they stole it. They have also mentioned that Grand Theft Auto 5 is only available for one more day, free of charge, on their store.

The countdown found on the Epic website says that the game will be given away free of charge until May 21, at 4 pm. Another game will be made available for the next week, but it is hard to believe that Epic will offer something to match the classic.

To access the Grand Theft Auto 5 Premium free of charge, Epic Games Store users must first turn on two-factor authentication. This Premium Edition contains the story mode of Grand Theft Auto 5, the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, and the much-coveted Grand Theft Auto 5 online.

This package would normally come at a price of 24.99 pounds, but it is now available for free.

The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack is the quickest way in which Grand Theft Auto 5 Online players can start their criminal empires in a second. It contains the most popular and exciting content, together with over 1,000,000 bonus in-game cash. This cam all be spent in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. All of the content made available for free would normally cost 10,000,000 GTA dollars if they were to be purchased individually.

Players are also able to launch business ventures from their Maze Bank Est Executive Office. They can research impressive weapons technology from the below-ground Gunrunning Bunker and use their Counterfeit Cash Factory to start a significant counterfeiting operation.

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