Google Stadia: How To Use it on Chromebook

Google released its Stadia cloud gaming service in November last year, and it already gathered an impressive number of players. With top games in its repository like Mortal Kombat 11, Red Dead Redemption 2, Doom Eternal, or The Elder Scrolls Online, the Google Stadia service is a great option.

The giant company from Mountain View established Google Stadia with the purpose of providing some decent games on all platforms, without the player having to worry if his gaming machine is good enough or not.

The developers of the service did a pretty good job until now, and this article teaches gamers how to use Stadia on Chromebook, which are laptops and tablets created by Google. Follow the next steps in the way they are written.

How To Use Google Stadia on Chromebook

Choose your controller

While using Google Stadia on Chromebooks, you can connect a Stadia controller, a PlayStation 4 controller, an Xbox One controller, or you can just use the good old keyboard and mouse.

If you’re willing to play games with a keyboard and mouse, it’s the best option for some of the games. And, of course, it’s the least expensive option. Furthermore, you can use the built-in microphone from the Chromebook while playing.

If you head for the PS4 or Xbox One controller, it will also be pretty easy. You’ll just have to pair the devices via Bluetooth.

The Google Stadia controller should be the best option since it’s none other than the official controller for the gaming service. You’ll simply have to use a USB cable with C port. This controller even brings you some interesting features like the ability to record your in-game progress.

Start playing your games

Go to the Stadia site, and log in. Select your desired game, or choose to resume the progress within your last game played.  Although Chromebook may experience minor issues when you first run Google Stadia on them, the gameplay will surely be enjoyable as long as the laptop/tablet is up to date.

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