Google Set to Launch The Android 10 TV Version

Google has current plans to launch Android 10 TV, pushing the version to manufacturers. As the company previously detailed, Android TV would be launched by the end of the year.

Google Set to Launch Android 10 TV

Android 10 TV would bring peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connections, mandatory disk encryption, TLC 1.3 support, a Thermal API to manage temperature, Scooped Storage, and many other features.

On Android Blog, we can also find that the update will introduce a new ADT-3 streaming box for testing the latest Android TV software. Such a thing, however, will be available only for developers.

Google stated: “When Android TV was first introduced in 2014, we set out to bring the best of Android into the connected home on the TV. We worked closely with the developer community to grow our content and app ecosystem and bring users the content they want.”

About Android TV

Android TV is a variant of the Android running system developed exclusively for digital media players, soundbars, set-top boxes, and TVs. Google developed it and launched it back in 2014. Android TV was introduced as a replacement for Google TV.

It brings a user interface created around content discovery and voice search, showing content aggregated from different media services and apps, and integration with other new Google systems and services, such as Knowledge Graph, Cast, and Assistant.

Android TV was first announced in June 2014, with its Nexus Player release device presented later in October. The service has also been selected as smart TV middleware by manufactures such as Sony and Sharp.

Moreover, Android TV products have been integrated as set-top boxes by a more significant amount of IPTV televisions providers. The digital media players are Nexus Player, Now E, Razer Forge TV, Mxq Pro 4K Box, Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi MiBox, and MiBox S, and Vodafone TV (AU).

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