Google Play Store Tips and Tricks: Discover New Features


If you’re an Android user, you know how significant Google Play Store is. You can download new apps or choose to update the ones that are already installed. But, Google Play Store is more than that.

There are some cool features that you probably don’t know they exist. If you’re curious enough to try some of them, here is what you should know.

Try to Filter the Content

You can choose to filter the content you’re receiving. All the Android apps are rated in terms of maturity. Such a thing means that you can control the content that your children get access. Access the Play Store Settings and select the Content Filtering option. Next, pick the maturity level. 

Forget About Annoying Notifications

Disable all the update notifications (set by default) easily. Go to Google Play Store and access the Settings, then de-select notifications, and you’re done!

A Wishlist to Remember

You can add all your favorite apps to a wishlist, and keep track of the apps that you want to download or purchase someday. First, open the app that you want to add on Google Play and then tap on the “+” button placed on top. Now, you can always see the apps on your wishlist and decide which one you want to download or buy. 

Secure Your App Purchases

If you have more than a user on a single device, then you should create a password to secure your app purchases and to avoid any money issues. Open Google Play Store and go to Settings, then tap on the Password option, enter it and press OK.

Install Apps On Your Device From Your Computer

Google Play Store is the best, especially because it lets you install an app for your Android device straight from your computer. Open Google Play, select the app that you want to download, and install it. Don’t forget to choose the device and click on the install button again!

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