Google Play Store is Not Working Properly: How to Solve the Issues

google play fix

You’ve probably experienced a Google Play Store issue at some point. Even if it is an error message when you download a new app, or the Play Store just won’t open, there are many solutions worth trying. 

Remember that it’s important always to check the Internet connection, the date, and time settings and install the newest version of Google Play. By doing that, you’ll get the best Google Play Store experience. However, if your experience is issued by something else, here’s how you can fix it.

Check the Google Apps

If Google Play Store is glitching or frozen, just force close it by going to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See all apps, choose the Google Play Store, and tap on Force stop. 

Clear the Cache

Emptying the cache might be the right thing for “repairing” the Google Play Store. The cache is a storage area that temporarily keeps data so it can be quickly recovered without needing to be reloaded. Here’s how you can clear the cache.

Go to Settings and access the Apps or Application manager. From there, you can choose to scroll down and hit Clear cache or go into Storage, and hit Clear cache. 

Reset the Google Account 

If your Google Play Store app is still issued, you might want to try a refresh of your Google account. Such a thing means your entire device and Google account will be reset. 

Start by removing your account then adding it again. Go to Settings and hit on Accounts. Choose a Google account you want to remove, and tap the three dots at the top right, then on Remove account. Do these steps to all your Google account on your phone. 

Finally, you must re-enter your Google account. Go to Settings and hit the Account section. You’ll notice the Add Account option, and you can start right away, introducing your account details. Follow the on-screen steps to re-add all your account details. 

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