Google Play Store – How To Download And Install On Any Android Device

We sometimes need to install things manually. If you want to install the Google Play Store that way, there are many ways to do it. Most likely, you accidentally uninstalled it, or you wish to return to a previous version.

Google Play Store might also trouble your experience, and you want a fresh install. No matter the issues or the questions you might have, there are lots of fixes worth to try out.

Also, there are some devices, especially some of the latest Huawei smartphones, that comes without the Google’s official app store. Accordingly, you might want to install it from third-party sources to use it.

How to Install Google Play Store on any Android Device

Verify Your Actual Google Play Store Version

Some updates might take extra time than usual. Or, some Android devices don’t receive the updates at the same time. Either the trouble you experience, you sometimes want to download and install a newer variant of the Google Play Store.

But, first, you should verify the current Google Play Store version that you have installed on your device. Access the Settings, Apps & Notifications. Search for Google Play and tap on Seel all apps. Select Advanced and keep looking to the bottom for the version number.

Also, if your Google Play Store app is running fine and you can wait for the automatic update, check the app variant in the Play Store app itself. Go to the Google Play Store, tap on the three lines in the top left corner, access the Settings, and search for the exact version.

Download the Google Play Store Installation File

The links you can find online are only for users of an Android device with a licensed version of the Google Play Store installed. However, you can also find a standalone variant of the app store on different sites on the Internet. Most of the changes in the new updates are usually under the hood and intend to make all the things work better.

Once you’ve downloaded Google Play Store, you should tap on the file and install it via your device’s Package Installer. When the installation has completed, you can access the app store via its icon.

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