Google Play Services Version 20.26.14 Beta Is Here With Extra Improvements

Google Play Services is Google’s designated tool for updating Google apps and other apps that rely on Google Play.

Google Play Services is a fundamental component for app authentication and other functions. Play Services is also nneded to synchronize contacts, access the latest privacy settings, alongside improved low-power location-based services.

Current Version

The newest beta version was just released, and it bears the number 20.26.14.

It would help if you considered keeping Google Play Services up to date since it plays such an important part in your smartphone’s wellbeing.

Keeping Google Play Services outdated isn’t recommended because you expose your device to various safety risks and don’t benefit from top performance.

Installing The Latest Version

You should update Google Play Services to version number 20.26.14 as soon as possible if you haven’t already, to ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest security features and functions.

Google Play Services usually updates itself automatically, but in some cases, it does not.

If it does not manage to update itself automatically, there are two ways to do it.

First, you can go to your Android smartphone’s settings, the update section, and make sure that auto-updates are on.

You can find Google Play Services and tap the update button if a new update is available.

However, if somehow that still does not work, you have an alternative – You can manually download the apk file from a secure source and install it yourself.

However, we wouldn’t advise you to do so, because installing updates from unknown sources can be fatal for your device and security.

Always try to install updates from reliable, verified sources, like the Google Play Store.

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