Google Play Services 20.12.15 Update Bring Bug Fixes And Improvements

Many Android users may have explored the list of installed apps on their device and observed an interesting name in the form of the Google Play Services. Tapping on the entry will reveal that the app cannot be launched or uninstalled in a regular manner, inspiring some debates among casual Android users who don’t understand why the app is locked on the device and cannot be removed.

However, the app appears to receive a constant series of updates as notifications will surface from time to time, revealing that a new update has been installed. Due to its essential purpose, Google is always releasing new updates that improve the overall stability or performance of an Android device.

Google Play Services is a collection of proprietary APIs that facilitate the use of a large selection of features that are used constantly.

Google Play Services Launched With Improvements

For example, the Location API allows users to use maps that are integrated within select websites without the need to launch the dedicated Google Maps app. Another location API will allow apps to track your activity without the need to be running actively on the screen, which is useful while practicing sports like running and cycling.

Those who use the Google Drive also interact with the Google Drive Android API, which ensures that documents are synced across several devices and platforms while also offering the option to share, edit or delete them at all times.

Apps and games can show advertisements while running thanks to the Google Mobile Ads API, a great boon for developers who wish to monetize apps that are available for free on the Google Play storefront.

Play Protect, which is also powered by an API, will ensure that the apps and games uploaded on the Play Store and downloaded on your device are safe to use. New stability improvements arrive with the Google Play Services 20.12.15 update.

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