Google Play Services 20.1.04 Update Rolled Out With Bug Fixes And Performance Improvements

Google Play Services​ is used to update Google applications from Google Play. It is an app that appears in the list of applications installed on your device. However, it is a passive core app, which cannot be launched or wholly removed, as it is crucial for every device running the Android operating system.

The app, therefore, exists by default on all Android devices, and it provides core functionality, such as authentication to all the Google services, synchronized contacts, access to the newest user privacy settings, as well as higher quality location-based services.

Google Play Services​ needs an extended list of permissions due to tot he fact that it engages with numerous tasks, such as SMS activity log data, information associated with other applications, and so on. Simply put, Google Play Services​ is a series of links that make possible the communication between various apps and make sure that numerous third-party apps can function without any issue.

What’s new in Google Play Services 20.1.04?

Google Play Services 20.1.04 update is the latest roll-out of the component, which enhances the overall performance of the app.

A fantastic feature, Google Play Services​ packs are the fact that it allows Google to update core applications regularly. Previously, the Google Maps used to receive updates only when a significant Android version was being launched. However, this doesn’t happen anymore, because updates are now downloaded and installed automatically, helped by Google Play Services​.

This means that your mobile phone can access the latest versions of all the apps installed on your device without having to update the firmware. Even so, Google Play Services​ won’t function on a device that runs Android 5 if the minimum requirement is Android 9, for instance.

Google Play Services​ also improves your overall app experience. It can speed up offline searches, offers more immersive maps, and enhances the gaming experience. Again, your apps might stop working if you uninstall Google Play Services​, although you cannot completely remove it.

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