Google Play Services 20.06.76 Update Comes With Bug Fixes And Enhancements

Google Play Services is one of the most interesting ‘’apps’’ that are included on the Android operating system, since it performs a large number of tasks but cannot be used as a regular app.

Many Android users may have looked through the list of apps that are installed on their device and observed that Google Play Services is present, and it some cases, it appears that it consumes a significant amount of storage space. Some may have tried to uninstall it only to discover that this is not possible.

The OS grants this immunity since Google Play Services is deemed to be a core system app. Google introduced the custom API package in 2012. It reunites a selection of APIs that grant several features.

For example, one of the APIs is related to Google Play Game Services and provides an immersive gameplay experience for users as the Play Games app can track the progress of the player, award achievements when specific milestones are reached, display leaderboards, and facilitate the existence of multiplayer sessions.

More about Google Play Services

The Saved Games API will ensure the fact that the save games of compatible titles will be stored in the cloud and retrieved when needed across a large number of devices.

Those who enjoy the capabilities of Google Maps also benefit from an API that is responsible for the proper functioning of the service without the need to launch the app directly on your device to interact with the maps featured on webpages.

App developers also benefit from the APIs provided by Google Play services since the Mobile Ads API offers the option to monetize apps with the help of targeted advertisements based on the profile of the users. The app can be removed from a rooted device, but a lot of apps and system features will not work correctly.

Google Play Services 20.06.76 update comes with new bug fixes. The latest version will automatically install on Android devices OTA.

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