Google Play Services 20.06.16 Beta Update Brings Performance And Stability Improvements

Google Play Services is an essential part of the Android ecosystem, and the company has been hard work, pushing a constant series of updates for the system app. Some users may be puzzled by its purpose since there is no way to it in a direct manner, but it provides many features that can be deemed to be a core part of the Android experience.

Most Android users have likely seen a notification that informs that the Google Play Services app is being updated. Unlike most apps that are offered by the company, Google Play Services act as a middleman between the operating system and other apps, ensuring that key tasks are being executed without problems.

For example, one of the key functionalities provided by the app is the ability to connect to and seamlessly use Google Play Services, without the need to enter your credentials each time you want to use a Google app.

About the latest Google Play Services update

It can also handle the synchronization of relevant data like contacts, memos, and messages, which are stored safely in the cloud and can be recovered when needed with a few taps. Google Maps harnesses a powerful provided by Google Play services to deliver a faster user experience and accurate tracking while also consuming a considerably lower amount of battery.

The app is a collection of APIs which are used by Google and third-party developers to perform many tasks that take place in the background, allowing users to use their devices without any interruptions.

While those who opt to root their device will have the option to uninstall the app if they wish it is not advised to do so since the most modern app will no longer properly work until it is installed again on the device. New bug fixes and performance and stability improvements have been implemented via the latest Google Play Services 20.06.16 beta update.

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