Google Play Services 20.04.14 Update Brings Bug Fixes and Improvements

Android is, without a doubt, one of the most popular operating systems in the world as it powers billions of devices, among which we can count smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

Android Inc pioneered the iconic OS, and it was designed as an open-source alternative on a market that was dominated by closed ecosystems. Google was attracted by the potential of the project and decided to acquire the developers and all existing assets in 2005.

About Google Play Services

While the base source code of the operating system is developed and improved by the Android Open Source Project, most versions come with the Google Mobile Services bundle, which includes core apps like Gmail, the Google Play Store, and the Google Play services API.

Many users may have observed Google Play services on the list of installed apps and wondered about its utility since it appears to be always active. It can cause some problems during isolated incidents.

Since it is classified as a system app, there is no way to remove it without rooting the device to gain increased privileges. Even then, it is not a good idea to tamper with it since it is essential for the proper use of the OS.

For example, those who play mobile games on their devices love the ability to join multiplayer matches, compete on leaderboards, and earn achievements. All of these features are available with the help of an API known as Google Play Services. Progress within games is also saved and synced between devices with the help of the Saved Games API, which ensures that your data remains safe.

What’s new in the latest Google Play Services update?

Since many apps use Google Play Services, it also needs to and has access to a large selection of permissions. They are mandatory for accessing relevant data and features, and any changes may cause malfunctions among other apps.

The new Google Play Services 20.04.14 update comes with several bug fixes.

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