Google Play Services 20.04.12 Update Is Now Available With Bug Fixes And Improvements

Many Android owners enjoy the benefits offered by the Google Play Store each day. As the primary source of downloadable content, the Play Store is quite popular since it offers many apps, games, and eBooks that can be downloaded and enjoyed for free or by paying a reasonable amount.

While the Google Play Store steals the limelight as a convenient app, there is another lesser-known one that is essential for its function while also offering access to a rich selection of features that are quite handy even if in most cases, the user will not interact with them directly.

These features are offered by Google Play services, a system app that is not known by many but is essential for the proper use of modern Android devices.

For example, one of the features offered by this app is the ability to install updates without the need to uninstall the previous version of the app or game from your device.

Google Play Services 20.04.12 Update Is Now Available With Bug Fixes And Improvements

In the past, feature phone users who wanted to enjoy the latest version of a game on their device had to remove the original version and download the latest update manually, essential performing a full reinstallation.

It also facilitates the use of a rich selection of other Google apps with the help of handy APIs. In the case of Google Maps, it allows other applications to access it without the need to use the app. This happens when you use a ride-sharing service and select your address on the interactive map.

Integration with Google Play Services allows users to enjoy an enhanced gameplay experience with the help of achievements and leaderboards. It will also harness the Saved Games API to keep your progress safe in a game by synching it across other Android devices on which the game is installed.

The latest version of the app, Google Play Services 20.04.12, comes with new performance improvements. Also, the latest update brings some bug fixes.

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