Google Play Games 2020.01.15709 Update Bring Improvements And Bug Fixes

One of the greatest boons offered by modern smartphone devices is the ability to play a generous amount of video games that have been designed from the ground up to provide an excellent experience on your mobile device.

Millions of people across all over the world continue to entertain themselves each day by playing titles like Candy Crush Saga, Minecraft, PUBG Mobile, and much more. As new generations of smartphones are released, the games look even better and offer new and exciting mechanics that rival the gameplay experiences that can be felt on classic gaming devices.

To complement the mobile gaming experience on Android, Google offers an excellent service in the form of Google Play Games. The popular app packs a rich selection of features that may seem common in the case of modern mobile games but wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago.

One of the best features offered by Google Play Games is known as Instant Play. This feature provides the ability to try and play full games without the need to download them on our device with the help of a robust cloud streaming platform that delivers a substantial experience with no lag.

What’s new in the Google Play Games Update?

In some cases, you may want to entertain yourself by playing a game while traveling to a different area or relaxing in the garden. However, most of your favorite titles seem to rely on an active internet connection, and they will not start.

Google Play Games has you covered with a selection of built-in classics that can offer hours of fun. Enjoy golden gems of the past, among which we can count Minesweeper, PAC-MAN Snake, and Cricket.

The app will also save your progress in compatible games and keep the data safe into the cloud. This allows Android owners to play their favorite games on several devices without the need to worry about losing the progress.

The Google Play Games 2020.01.15709 update fixes a bug that caused sign-in issues, and it also brings some improvements.

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