Google Pixel Foldable Smartphone Leaked: What to Expect

Google foldable phone

Foldable smartphones are going to have a new manufacturer, a leaked document claims. Google is getting ready to begin a new journey and explore the world of foldables. 

A leaked internal document indicates that Google has booked the launch of a foldable device for Q4 2021. The handset is codenamed “Passport.” Here is what you need to know.

Google Pixel Foldable Smartphone Under Development

A report from 9to5Google suggests that the document explicitly referred to the so-called “Passport” being a foldable phone. The new handset was also listed alongside all the Google Pixel smartphones, dating back to the 2017 Pixel 2.

Furthermore, the document mentioned, too, the “lower end mid-year device” for the Pixel 5A with a “Q2 2021” launch event. There were two other handsets codenamed “Oriole” and “Raven” for the “Q4 2021” launch, which could turn out to be the Google Pixel 6 smartphones. 

Adding to the list of upcoming Pixel smartphones, the Pixel 4A 5G, and the Pixel 5 variants will be released soon. These two variants were pre-announced along with the Google Pixel 4A recently. 

Google Pixel Foldable Smartphone: What We Should Expect

This isn’t the first tease that we’ve received about a foldable Google Pixel device, but sure it is a solid one. A few months ago, Google announced that is was working on a prototype ahead of the I/O developer conference. 

Google Pixel’s development lead, Mario Queiroz, was interviewed and he said that the company has been working on a special project for quite a long time, and there was no clear use case yet. Now, the leaked document claims that Google has surpassed the prototype phase and is getting ready for a launch event. But, one concern is regarding developing Android for foldable handsets. 

Previously, Google announced native support for foldable smartphones in Android ahead of Samsung’s revealing the first Galaxy Fold. There’s almost a year until a possible launch event of the first Pixel foldable. For all we know, everything could change. Nevertheless, it’s now been confirmed that Google is working on its first foldable Smartphone. 

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