Google Pixel Devices Started Receiving The November 2020 Android Security Patch

The November 2020 Android security patch is already available!

If you own a newer Google Pixel smartphone, you can run a software update check in System Settings and get the update if it’s available for your device. Alternatively, you can manually update your phone or be patient and wait for the time when the OTA notification is displayed.

According to the patch notes adjacent to the November 2020 Android security patch, there are multiple bug fixes in the update. There are also some significant feature enhancements like finer auto-brightness calibration outdoors and improved touch response for various screen protectors.

Unfortunately, the new update doesn’t bring any new features as this is not a quarterly feature update. Nevertheless, we are happy to learn that our phones will run smoother!

Who Can Get The Update?

It’s worth mentioning that the November 2020 security patch won’t be available for the Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 Xl, which will see a final update in December, after which will reach an end-of-support status.

As you can see, Google smartphones are, expectedly, among the first to receive new Android updates. That alone is a reason why many people choose to switch to the Google Pixel lineup.

Who can blame them? New releases like the Google Pixel 4a cost only $349, an affordable price to pay for a phone so well-equipped.

We like how Google takes care of its customers. They kept their agreement to keep supporting the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 Xl until the end of 2020, and that is admirable. Few other companies grant extended support for their customers for such extended periods.

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