Google Pixel 5 Leak Reveals Details About The Upcoming Smartphone

Google Pixel 5 is expected to come out later this year. Although there is still plenty of time until its release, it seems that some details already leaked on the internet. As always, there also speculations regarding the upcoming Pixel 5, and here’s what we know.

How do we know about the Pixel’s 5 upcoming features? From the Android 11 Developer code that was just released three days ago on February 20. The next Google device was also seen in the Android Open Source Project code.

Google Pixel 5 Features Leaked

According to the Android 11 Developer Preview, Google Pixel 5 will feature reverse wireless charging tech. What does wireless charging mean? It means that you will be able to charge other devices with your Pixel 5 if you want to. How cool is that? If this new feature will be part of the Pixel 5 or not is still not 100 percent for sure as not all elements from a developer preview or even a beta version will stand with the final product.

Developers who notice this new feature are from Folks at XDA. According to them, the Android 11 Developer Preview has a new Battery Share feature that can be found in the setting menu. This Battery Share feature is presumably the reverse wireless charging feature part of Google. Another cool thing about this new feature is that it will allow you to charge any other device such as smartphones, smartwatches, earbuds, etc.

“Your phone’s battery will run out faster when using Battery Share,” comes the warning of the new feature.

The Ultra low power mode feature was discovered on the Android Open Source Project code. As its name says, it is a feature that will save your battery by slowing down the energy power on Google Pixel 5. This new mode is going to save more power than any other device on the market; however, this is just a speculation, so don’t take it to heart. The Ultra low power mode will work by reducing the phone functions except texting and calling.

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