Google Pixel 5 is still veiled in mystery due to a lack of reports and leaks.  Recent images of Pixel 5's design were leaked, and they're just what we're looking for, but we're not convinced yet that they're legit. Howev" />

Google Pixel 5 Design Leaked: What We Should Expect

Google Pixel 5 is still veiled in mystery due to a lack of reports and leaks. 

Recent images of Pixel 5’s design were leaked, and they’re just what we’re looking for, but we’re not convinced yet that they’re legit. However, until the first official statements are released, it’s good that we can take a sneak peek at the upcoming Pixel smartphone. Here is what you should know.

Google Pixel 5 Design and Other Details Leaked

The images, first posted on Slashleaks by Udagawa Ako, come from a webpage on online business-to-business retailer AliBaba. It indicates to be selling a case for Google Pixel 5, but you should be skeptical. Such a thing appears to be nothing like what we were expecting for the upcoming Pixel smartphone. 

One design for the Pixel 5 displays it as having a U-shaped camera module at its rear panel, with no scanner for Google’s Pixel Imprint fingerprint unlocking tech. Another odd thing is the headphone jack, which is no longer present on flagship smartphones. The last flagship Google Pixel with a headphone jack was the first Google Pixel and Pixel XL released in 2016, with the only Pixels phones to have one since then being the Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 3a, which are more budget-friendly. 

While the phone case doesn’t show much of the front of the smartphone, there is another thing that seems off. The placeholder design is odd because it flaunts a notch. While the Pixel 3 XL came with a notch similar to this, the Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4, and Pixel 4 XL had bezels. Also, in the Pixel 4 series’ case, such a thing packed Google’s Motion Sense radar sensor. 

Motion Sense is underwhelming, and the design of flagship handsets is no longer flaunting notches, but punch-hole cameras. It would be very intriguing if this leak is what Google had planned for the upcoming Pixel 5. Google should release the first statements in the coming months.

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