Google Pixel 5 Characteristics, Features, and More

Google is highly probable to opt for the Snapdragon 765G chipset to power its upcoming device, the Google Pixel 5. This decision will probably be taken in light of the quality-price ratio that the company is focusing on providing to its users.

In addition to this, the device will also feature the 5G technology, given the fact that many phones have already announced their 5G compatibility. The rumors were posted on 9to5Google reports and are showing the phone’s similarity with OnePlus Z’s capabilities.

Google and its focus on developing high-end smartphones have been appreciated by users for quite some time. The company is renowned for its excellent hardware compounds and the industry-standard camera, all being included at a fair price. However, the latest releases that were developed by Samsung or OnePlus have brought on the market even more technology in one tiny device. Except for the price, Google’s Pixel series does not bring too much in terms of technological capabilities.

More details on Google Pixel 5

For example, the last version released, Pixel 4, brought a subpar design that did not manage to exceed the expectations, having a typical appearance. In addition to this, the lack of battery life and a considerable notch cause the device to be quite mediocre.

Looking back at other gadgets powered by Google, such as Google Nexus and Galaxy Nexus, it is clear that something in the company’s policy has changed throughout the years. Even though these two gadgets were not amongst the best in their years, they provided an overall pleasant experience for the money asked.

Hopefully, the new approach will bring people’s interest in Google’s devices. If we were to look back, the broad public was delighted by the release of Pixel 3a, which was highly appreciated for its camera setup and a powerful processor. Since Google Pixel 5 is bringing the same policy, probably the company will save face with this release.

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