Google Pixel 4a Renders Unveiled The Device’s Design

As it is known by now, many smartphones got through the process of getting leaked, rendered, and so on. Such things help users and fans set their expectations. The recent to get this practice is the Google Pixel 4a.

The budget-rumored device might be in its last phase of development, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t catch a glimpse of it. Rumors are that Google doesn’t intend to release its premium Pixel 4XL because the launch of Pixel 4a is a far more good plan.

Oddly, the photos leaked show that Google has picked to go only with a camera, instead of a dual-one. Also, developers might only want to retain the square bump, and nothing else fancier. Probably such a thing is not the best idea so far from Google, but a smooth design might prove otherwise. Also, there are some talks about the camera’s flash.

Google Pixel 4a Features

In the pictures, it appears that it’s positioned right above the sensor, making it quite intriguing. However, it is indeed a smart move, primarily because Google is known for its devotion to packing its devices precisely. For example, the design of the optics section could provide more efficiency and accuracy. The images show a fingerprint sensor, as well, displayed on the rear panel.

The Google Pixel 4a is forecast to come with a display of 5.81-inch, sporting a bump-hole in it. Developers had also been offering big-sized notches on its device. That thing is possibly the first time it had implemented the punch hole style.

The hole can be seen at the top left corner of the screen. The latest pictures indicate the 3.5mm jack on the upper edge, too. Google matches the method of showing its upcoming device at the developers’ conference, and this year might not be any distinct. The I/O 2020 is probably be held in May 2020.

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