Google Pixel 4a Leaks Reveal More Details About The Upcoming Device

It was no surprise when Google released the Pixel 4 series. The internet has been talking about it for such a long time prior to the actual event, although it is true that the phone has several new futures. On top of that, Google has done some updates to its predecessor, Pixel 3, releasing the Pixel 3a series, and they plan to do the same for the new Pixel 4 series. Same as before, the internet is now flaunting about the Google Pixel 4a series.

Steve H.McFly of OnLeaks and 91Mobiles has put together some CAD-based renders of what the Pixel 4a series might look like. Read below to find out more. It is fair to believe that the upcoming Pixel 4a will have a similar form factor to the current Pixel lineup. We can make an idea about what the phone may look like based on the CAD designs.

Of course, in the end, we might be surprised if these devices will turn to be completely different. The first impression is that it looks similar to the Pixel 4 device. It has the same camera form that we saw on Pixel 4, with a bump. Although it seems unnecessary, taking into account the fact that the phone only displays on a single sensor on the back. Though it may be possible since Pixel 4a phone is a low budget and to achieve that, Google had to cut a few bits here and there.

More details on Google Pixel 4a revealed in recent leaks

The back of the device presents a fingerprint sensor. Is it a budget-friendly device, we can expect Google Pixel 4a not to be equipped with the set of a sensor for facial recognition feature to unlock the phone. The designs show the complete profiles of all the angles. Starting with the top of the phone where we can see a 3.5mm jack socket, which would be a good thing given that only a few devices still have it.

The bottom of the phone comes with a speaker grill and a microphone slit, which is quite the standard. Talking about the display of the phone, it looks like it features a better screen to body ratio, making it easier for future users. The front of the phone presents a punch-hole camera as well.

In terms of phone size, the device may feature somewhere between 5.7 and 5.8-inches. According to the online renders, the dimensions for this device would be 144.2 x 69.5 x 8.2mm. Do remember that these are based on the initial leaks, as for the actual release; we shall wait and see.

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