Google One’s Features Beat iCloud: What Should You Know

gOne features

iPhone and iPad users will be soon taking advantage of something Android smartphone owners have enjoyed for quite a while – automatic backups to Google One.

The backup feature has been available on Android devices since September 2019 to paid subscribers to Google’s cloud storage service. The iOS users who choose a Google One plan will also get the feature. 

A new Google One app version will be launched soon for iOS users, and it’s said to bring free backup even if you didn’t subscribe to Google’s service. Here is what you need to know.  

Google One Features and Other Significant Details

Google One’s backup feature makes it easy to understand why such an app is a must. Our devices have become a storage locker for many photos, videos, songs, and messages. Even if you choose to purchase the biggest capacity variant of your favorite smartphone, for instance, you might still find yourself sometimes out of space. Apps like Google One can help you a lot in that situation.

When the new Google One app arrives, all iOS users will need to download it and sign in with a valid Google account. Google will do next all the heavy lifting, backing up photos, contacts, emails, text messages, and so on, to its cloud storage service. 

But that’s not all. Google will make it easier to sort through all your files with a new storage manager functionality. Available via both smartphone apps and desktop, this feature will make your life just easier. You’ll notice how much free storage remains while you’re deciding what’s for keeps without to exit the app. And for anyone using the free storage, there will also be a feature to lock in an upgrade via the manager. 

The new Google One is now available for Android users. As for iOS users, they’ll have to wait a bit longer. Currently, no release date for them has been announced.

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