Google Nest Mini Brings Back the Play/Pause Controls

Google Nest Mini will come full of improvements, from enhanced performance to a revival of some Home Mini features. Nest Mini promises to outreach its predecessor in every way. Talking about additions such as audio quality, assistant reply time, and the incorporation of a wall-mounting slot. But, these are obvious things, because after all, that’s how a new device should be, better than other old versions. What does it make it so unique, though? Google Nest Mini will come with an extraordinary feature. The option is not new; however, it is more like a revival. Google thought about a restoration of a somewhat forgotten setting, the play/pause button. Google Home Mini, unfortunately, didn’t have that option, being disabled.

Moreover, Google states that the upcoming device will ship with three wholly functional touch controls.

What We Know So Far About Google Nest Mini

Nest Mini is a highly expected improvement of the Home Mini. The devices look almost the same, but the features make the difference. Regarding its cost, it will take the same amount of $49, with the possibility of finding other deals, too. Google states that the Nest Mini is a minor update, and users shouldn’t get it if they already have Home Mini. However, for some users, the new upgrades such as speaker improvement or the audio quality could mean a lot. Other updates:

  • improved the machine learning-assisted audio tuning for the smart speaker;
  • fixing all the distortion in the trebles and mids;
  • introducing a new way of lighting by adding some small lights on the left and right (this will help you to see better the volume);
  • an ultrasonic sensor has been added for detecting your hand approaching.

Nest Mini also comes in four new colors, chalk, coral, e=sky blue and charcoal. The device is made from recycled plastic bottles so that you are more close to the environment.

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