Google Might Separate Chrome OS From Chrome Browser: What to Expect

chrome os separate from chrome

Chrome OS was seen in the beginning as a sophisticated web browser due to its web-first approach and the lack of app compatibility. But it has evolved since then as a platform, and it has reached a position where it can serve as the main operating system in your PC. 

Recent news about Chrome OS involves an error message. If you have a Chromebook, you’re likely to get an error that reads: “This device will no longer receive the latest software updates. Please consider upgrading.” What does such a thing mean?

Since Google Chrome is integrated with Chrome OS, it means that you will not get updates once your Chromebook becomes deprecated. And such news is entirely unacceptable because we need updates to stay safe from vulnerabilities. What Google plans to do? 

The tech giant is now working on a project codenamed “Lacros” that will separate Google Chrome from Chrome OS. Here is what you need to know.

What Should We Expect From Lacros?

Lacros stands for Linux And ChRome OS and is Google’s newest project that aims to separate Chrome browser from Chrome OS’ window manager and system UI elements. Technically, it makes use of the Linux-chrome binary and enhances its Wayland support. Engineers at Google dubbed the main Chrome OS binary “ash-chrome” and squeezed the Linux-chrome binary to develop the lacros-chrome binary. 

The changes went live in the most recent Chrome OS Canary and were first seen by the folks at Chrome Unboxed. After activating the feature flags in the Canary version, it is possible to access the Lacros version of Chrome now. 

Such a thing could mean that soon, our Chromebooks would continue receiving Chrome updates even if they reached the end of their lives. Google could either go ahead and replace the Chrome browser right away or implement in such a manner the Lacros thing once a Chromebook hits its end of life. 

More details should be available soon!

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