Google Maps 10.34.1 Beta Brings Improvements, Bug Fixes, And More

The spread of GPS solution has been a great boon for many people who like or need to travel to new areas since it is easier than ever to receive valuable tips that can guide you towards your destination safely and in a fast manner. Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps in the world.

About Google Maps

Many veteran drivers will remember the times when a printed map was the only solution to navigate towards a destination besides asking random people for advice. While the maps were quite handy, people who didn’t know how to interpret them correctly ended up in the wrong areas and had to backtrack before they could go on the right path in most cases.

When the first portable GPS navigation systems became, many popular drivers enjoyed the ability to receive interactive advice as they traveled towards their destination. Yet the negative traits surfaced soon when they learned that they have to pay separately for updated maps and buy new devices after they are no longer supported.

Google Maps is an excellent navigation app offer by Google, packed with a rich selection of features that will help any driver, even if they are going towards a known address. One of the greatest boons is represented by the fact that the app will offer live updates and fresh information about traffic conditions and ETAs.

Those who commute with the help of public transportation services will enjoy real-time schedules. If an event is detected, the app will generate a new route automatically, allowing users to avoid incidents and road closures.

What’s new in the latest Google Maps 10.34.1 Beta update?

Those who love to explore a new zone will enjoy the fact that local restaurants, interesting events, and landmarks will be highlighted automatically by the app. With the help of a smart algorithm, the app will also recommend places that will suit your tastes based on previous searches.

User-submitted recommendations are also available. The new Google Maps 10.34.1 Beta update comes with new optimizations and bug fixes.

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