Google Maps 10.28.0 Beta Comes Out With Improvements And Bug Fixes

Google Maps is the most popular navigation app in the world. And that thanks to its many features and functions. Now, Google Maps 10.28.0 Beta rolled out with some performance improvements and bug fixes.

Google Maps Features

Google Maps helps users navigate the world straightforwardly. With more than 220 countries from around the world mapped and billions of locations, Google Maps is a complete navigation application.

Maps help people reach their destinations faster thanks to the app’s real-time ETAs and traffic condition estimations. Also, it offers reliable information on the public transit systems and provides rerouting when traffic conditions change, or incidents occur.

Nonetheless, with Google Maps, users cand discover local restaurants, touristic attractions, and other essential places, depending on your interests. You can create lists with places to visit with your group, and you and your friends can vote in real-time for where you all should go.

Offline maps to navigate when you don’t have access to an Internet connection, Street View, and indoor mapping for popular restaurants, stores, museums, and more are just another exciting Google Maps features. Besides, indoor maps help you navigate inside massive places, such as airports, malls, and stadiums

What’s New In Google Maps 10.28.0 Beta Update For Android?

While many Google Maps updates add new features or visual changes, the latest Google Maps 10.28.0 Beta update doesn’t come with anything else besides some under the hood modifications.

Accordingly, Google Maps 10.28.0 Beta comes with several performance improvements and bug fixes to enhance the user experience with the application. Remember that Google Maps 10.28.0 Beta is, as its name says, a Beta release. That means it might come with some unstable features and several glitches.

You can get the latest Google Maps 10.28.0 Beta from the Google Play Store beta testing section. Here’s the link where you can join Google’s beta program for Maps.

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