Google's Flutter UI framework adds extra bug fixes and support for new features of Android 11 and iOS 14.

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Google Flutter 1.22 Stable Is Available With UI Support For iOS 14 And Android 11 Features

Google’s Flutter UI framework adds extra bug fixes and support for new features of Android 11 and iOS 14.

The company just released version 1.22 of Flutter. It is an open-source, cross-platform user-interface framework for developing apps for Android and iOS and increasingly on the web and desktops.

Flutter 1.22 promises the developers the capacity to build UIs for various platforms from a single codebase.

With the newly released Android 11 and iOS 14 starting to reach smartphones globally, Flutter 1.22 comes in handy with support from the freshest UI updates from Google and Apple to their according to mobile platforms.

The Android 11 support in Flutter 1.22 also comes as Google starts selling the new Pixel 5, which is available with Android 11. New devices of the Pixel lineup are the first to get fresh Android releases.

Flutter 1.22 also features support for Xcode 12, iOS 14’s new widgets and icons, and more!

iPhone users can even test an app’s features before having to download it entirely.

Some tweaks in Flutter target bugs present in apps built for iOS 14.

As Xcode 12 needs iOS 9.0 or higher, Flutter’s default has switched from iOS 8.0 to iOS 9.0.

Flutter 1.22 addresses crash and front rendering issues that affected only iOS 13, and problems are appearing to physical devices.

At WWDC 2020, Apple announced a set of new privacy features for macOS and iOS.

One of them was to tighten restrictions on apps accessing the clipboard, where sensitive information is stored sometimes.

Flutter 1.22 fixed crashes and font rendering problems that affected only iOS 14, and other problems deploying to physical devices.


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